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In homes across the world, excitement grew, 

for Christmas time was very near, 

but Santa had a problem on his hands:

demotivated reindeer! 


Where once they’d run like wind, as fast as thought, 

now they were slow as slugs on stone, 

and when Santa reminded them of kids 

waiting excitedly, they groaned.


“Give it a rest, old Gramps!” bold Dasher said, 

“we do this every blasted year!

And always it’s the same, no benefits; 

For you’re the one who gets the beer!” 


Now Santa saw just how upset they were, 

that mutiny might be at hand! 

But Mrs Claus devised a cunning ploy: 

The Maps would help him understand! 


Nine reindeer and nine motivators - now 

it all made sense! Like Dasher said, 

he’d treated them as equal, all the same, 

when actually their drives weren’t fed. 


Bold Dasher was a Builder, needing bread;

But Dancer had Creator’s fire; 

Prancer a Spirit, soaring to new heights;

Vixen a Friend, friendship inspired; 


Comet was Searcher, selfless for the cause; 

while Cupid loved security; 

Donner Directed them and checked the reins; 

Blitzen knew astronomy; 


And last of all, red Rudolph was a Star, 

and blazed as leader of their pack; 

now each one pulling weight, and happy too: 

Christmas was saved, and back on track!  

Motivated reindeerSo thank you Mappers all around the world

Who spread the message far and wide;

So even Santa Claus has heard, and heeded,

And presents roll at Christmastide!


Joseph Sale


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Wonderful Joseph. Love this I will look at the reindeers through a different lens now and not see them as all the same. MM saved Christmas !!!!

james sale

Thanks Marie - yes, indeed MM have!

steve jones

Nice One Joseph!!
Merry Christmas!

Sarah Stones

Very clever

Tammie Horton

Love it!

A Facebook User

What a coincidence -but not a real surprise- that reindeers are coming in a pack of 9! :-) Somehow the 9 motivators are always at the bottom of everything!
Thanks Joseph. Merry Christmas to you all!

Shirley Hoy

Wonderful! Merry Christmas all.

Suzanne Drouin

Love it, thank you! It would seem that Mrs. Claus had a strong "Creator' motivational energy as she came up with the idea of the Maps to solve the problem. As for Santa, perhaps his "Friend" motivator makes him want to please the children and make Xmas a special moment for all them across the world ☺.

James Sale

Thanks everyone - yes, Mrs Claus is a Creator and the nine motivators do seem at the root of most things!

Robyn McTague

Thanks, James what a great way to spread our joy of all things maps!

James Sale

Thanks Robyn - a joy to read your joy!!!

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