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9 Reasons to Attend the Leadership Showcase #2

9 Reasons to Attend the Leadership Showcase #1

On the 8th September this year I am giving a key note talk at the Dominion Theatre. The Showcase event is called Astounding Leadership Insights – so clearly, modesty was never a quality of the organisers of the event! But that aside, and also the fact of my involvement, this seems to me – in one easy day - a great opportunity for many coaches, consultants and business leaders because the benefits are so enormous. Thus, in true Motivational Maps style, what are the 9 major benefits of attending this event: ?

The first reason is always the same: the people. We always need to be around people who have these three qualities in abundance: energy, charisma and insight. And this is because every one of us needs to work on something we do not naturally have by the time we are adults: the well-springs of energy come from the presence of those who have found out how to tap it, access it and share it.

Energy is motivation and this day is choc-a-block with the energised, or should I say, The Energised! Learn about your energy and how to harness it more effectively. All six speakers will be covering this issue directly or indirectly most of the time. Let’s face it: it’s what our life is about. No energy, no quality of life, so we need to get real about it.

But then charisma, which is essentially the same as talking about influence; this can scarcely be taught. In fact the most effective way of becoming charismatic is by modelling oneself on someone who is charismatic. That’s the start, and the challenge is then to incorporate what one learns from modelling into one’s own unique personality and style, so that one is not a clone. You will see at the Dominion Theatre – hint, the name gives something away: theatre, drama, engagement with the stage – plenty of charisma to emulate and model. There’s Ali Stewart, the liberating leader, and Bird-on-a-Bike who will transform you. It’s a commonplace of the literature, but one I have to say that I have encountered all the time in my 30+ years of speaking in public that most people, including business people, have a dread of public speaking and that’s often because they sense that they are not charismatic: would anyone want to listen to them? One reason to be at this event is to see what charisma looks like. I remember back in the late 90s or early Millenium going to see Tony Robbins at Wembley for precisely this reason, and I was not disappointed. What I learnt then – not from what he said but what he did – has stayed with me ever since.

And then there’s the real key of people: insight. In all my 21 years of consulting and coaching I noticed two things beyond all others that my clients wanted from me: to be energised, which we’ve discussed, and for insights. Yes, insights into the nature of reality, insights into how relationships work, insights into organisations and their mechanisms, and insights into business and how to make it thrive. Insights, insights, insights – yes, and not cliches, not jargon, not stereotypes and the commonplace, but insights. The kind of sight that sees ‘in’ to the nature of things and whose view, or in-view, is transformative: the client gets that a-ha moment (sorry, that is a bit of cliché!). But you get the drift of what I am saying. As a result of coaching, consultancy, training or facilitation, you end up seeing more than you did before, and this seeing enables you to envision more. Imagine that: envision more! isn’t that what leaders do?

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Ooops! Leaders – I said it – that’s the word. So, you have my first reason for being on this day with us. My next blog will deal with reason #2.


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