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Becoming a Business Practitioner of Motivational Maps

At Motivational Maps we have two levels of Practitioners or licensees and sometimes I am asked what is the difference. Clearly, you get more for the more expensive license, but is it just that – you get more? Not really, there is a fundamental difference in thinking between the two levels and they are correlated with the needs of the prospects who have their own business agendas and objectives.

At the less expensive end, we have the Licensed Practitioner, or LP. This is typically for coaches, trainers or consultants who have a vibrant business and service their clients well with their own expertise and toolkit. But they realise that motivation is a special area that they do not fully or adequately cover with their existing technologies. Thus, buying into Motivational Maps at an LP level is acquiring new know-how, a new technology, and with the primary purpose of adding extra value to those prospects and clients. Because it is a product, it has the added benefit from the service providers’ point of view of being an extremely useful sales and marketing tool: anyone can say what they supply as a service but this does require high levels of trust and credibility to enable buy-in; a product can seriously shorten the lead-in time for a sale precisely it demonstrates immediate and replicable results. It’s easy to see what you are getting.

On the other hand, we have our more expensive Business Practitioner, or BP, package. It would appear initially that this is just the same but with more bells and whistle. In particular that the BP can sub-license, has unlimited Map access and so on – so what’s qualitatively different? Everything! The whole point of being a Business Practitioner is that your business is built around this core product. And this works in a number of ways.

First, the whole idea of sub-licensing is so that you can create residual income: in other words so that you can create and maintain a group of practitioners who are licensed and dependent on you. Because they are in business, then they continually use maps; this is quite different often from an organisation who uses maps for a one-off purpose, say, team building, and then desists once the objective is achieved. And because the maps are a product and your practitioners need them, this builds buy-in and long-term loyalty. This in turn produces regularity and steadiness of income.

Secondly, just as sub-licensing creates residual income because Map sales are increased, there is another startlingly effect. Basically, the team not only acts as a sales force for you, but as a marketing one too. This obviously takes longer and is less immediate but in a way can be more significant. I have lost count of the number of times I am contacted in a positive way because somebody in the area has run into one of my licensees; it’s like a continual form of advertising – your presence is in the market even when you are not. Eventually, the Maps become a brand and people buy you because you are part of that brand even when it may be that the Map itself is not the product they need at that moment. In other words, the Maps position you in the market place and enhance your validity.

Thirdly, as this also follows naturally from what we’ve said before: the team creates increased sales, it provides a natural form of marketing, and then it acts as a centre of intelligence: you learn so much about what is going on in an area or a sector as a direct result of your licensees talking about it. Knowledge is power, as they say, and that’s certainly true if one uses it. And the use of it is what I call the exponential effect: realising that the individual has a certain capability and capacity for work, but that’s it – they are limited by being single. You, the BP at the centre of their web, gets to know all the individual narratives can see how by combining different people, the group can punch seriously above its actual weight. Currently, as I speak, two independent teams of licensees who did not know each other were introduced by me to focus on one major high street retailer – and lo! What they could not have achieved separately has now become a major contract to deliver Maps.

Becoming a BP is not for every coach, consultant and trainer, since their business model may already be effective, and this is unnecessary. But for those who want something that can take their business to another level the Maps are an amazing opportunity, and the good news is: Motivational Maps needs more Business Practitioners all over the globe!


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