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My Life After Death – a Vision

There are two stultifying views of life after death that must be refuted. The first is that there is no life after death; this view, promoted by atheists and humanists, is a desperate appeal to deny the collective wisdom of mankind from time immemorial that has decided otherwise. Even reincarnation is a way of looking at another life after this one. And the Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews et al. knew there was and is a judgment to come.

The second pernicious view is the idea that ‘heaven’ is a boring place – uniform and monotonous – where everyone sits around playing harps and singing hymns in praise of Father Christmas or the parody of God that God has become in the West. As Christ said, ‘In my Father’s house are many dwelling places’. So whilst the grounds for being in ‘heaven’ remain constant for everybody – which, in summary form, is to love and to believe – the manifestation of ‘heaven’ will be as infinite as the human imagination and more.

In short, the ‘heaven’ I am going to when I die I can dimly begin to discern now. Can begin to imagine now! And I want to share this with you as it was inspired by my readings in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

When I die my spirit will leave my body and for a short instant – less than a millionth of a second but feeling like a lifetime – I shall visit the underworld; and be released, fully conscious of my shortcomings yet powered by a grace that renders them of no account.

Immediately my spirit will travel at the speed of thought to a nebular cloud cluster somewhere up there in the stars, possibly near the sign of the Scorpion, and ignite a burst of hot gas, and I shall become a new star, in a new constellation, possibly forming or being part of a new galaxy. And I will blaze with heat and light.

The beauty of this is when my wife also passes on, probably some time after my demise. Same process – and she too becomes a star – a binary with me: forever facing each other – and, as globes are 360 degrees, the eternal light source  - rotating around each other, and emitting our light full on, without any diminution or veiling that comes with the physical body.

Then those we love and who have loved us will join the constellation – or be in place – family and friends and those who have touched our path – and the swelling theme of light will become a swirling galaxy of attraction moving across the heavens till the end of time and the consummation of all things.

Such is the dream of my end.

It says in Corinthians that the ‘eye has not seen and ear has not heard’ and the heart of man has not conceived ‘all that God has prepared for those who love Him’. Nevertheless, it would appear unambitious and un-god-like not to let the imagination run riot on what happens on that day when the spirit – my spirit - is set free!


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