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Playing darts with Dr Dave

 Last weekend I went on an expedition with Dr Dave Richards, the great business strategist (

 In fact we decided to have a brief weekend away to re-charge. Our destination was the tiny fishing village of Polperro in Cornwall.

 Tiny is a good word for it; as is remote – you certainly need to be at least 4 miles outside the Village to have any hope of picking up a mobile signal. So it was a good job Dave forgot his Blackberry since it would have been useless anyway.


We had a fantastic time, although by the end of it I had picked up laryngitis, for which I cannot blame him. But the remarkable thing is the way that getting away from business and being in the moment can be so energising and wonderful. And, in that moment, the most unexpected things occur; magical things.


We had lunch at Harry's Kitchen – fantastic – stepped out and wandered down mid-Saturday afternoon – darkness already looming - to the harbour. Half way there we ran into the Ship pub and diverted accordingly. Cornish Ale from the taps, the pub near empty, and before we knew where we were we were playing darts for all they're worth. I haven't played darts for 30 years!


So, here's the surreal verse I wrote to commemorate the event – the world could have been ending, but we were getting on with our game of darts. Who won? Ah, well – now that's private between mates and completely irrelevant anyway: the state of timelessness does not require anyone to win because all do.


When I played darts with Doctor Dave

The cosmos opened its slow wound;

Deep night crept on us without sound;

And all the while the people raged -

When I played darts with Doctor Dave.


I'd like, I said, to do good things:

Align myself with Life and Spring,

But found that I was trapped and crazed

When I played darts with Doctor Dave.


Speechless, Polperro, we went down -

Merely a village, scarce a town:

Still, all our mission was to save

When I played darts with Doctor Dave.


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