There are three colours of motivation. Which one is motivating you this winter?


First, there is Green motivation. Green motivation is very strong – perhaps the strongest of all. If it were a sound it would be a big deep bass note – vibrating and resonating in the very core of us. As a colour it refreshes us – it makes us comfortable. We like to wear green. And when we see it outside, we hardly notice it because it is part of the texture of life itself.


What did your mother say when you were young? Eat your greens. Yes, the green energy comes directly from the sun, and this is woven into our being. It is the energy of relationships – feeling secure with someone else, belonging and friendship, and getting recognition for simply being us.


Green motivation is a real therapy. Is that what you feel like this winter?


The second colour of motivation is Red. Red motivation is not so much strong as dynamic – it glows with its own intensity. You notice Red; you cannot help it. In times past, Red has always been the martial colour: the God of War, Ares/Mars, is Red. The note here is a loud middle note – we cannot help but clearly hear it. It is a clear note struck in our working day.


It is the colour of stimulation and achievement. As we start the New Year, have you made those resolutions of achievement? They’re Red motivators. You want power and control - you want money and things - you want expertise and mastery? You want Red – wear that Red badge. Make 2010 the year you achieved your dreams – all fuelled by the Red motivator.


Finally, there is Blue motivation: cool Blue. If Green is strong, and Red is dynamic, then Blue is heroic. The note is high – ethereal – sometimes even difficult to hear, but when heard so sweet and inspiring.


Blue is not about achievement but more aspiration. We want heaven – the blue sky above us is where humans belong. When the Blue motivators are in us we are seeking to realise all we can be – we want creativity – we want freedom – we want meaning. At our heart the Blue motivator demands growth. And strangely, here there is a paradox: as we get seriously Blue motivated we find that the changes we want only lead us into the eternal now, which never changes.


So what do you choose for the next few months? What motivators are obsessing you? How will you feed them?


And I know what you are thinking – and you are right! You are thinking – ha! Got you James – there’s a fourth motivator, isn’t there? That’s right, what if I want a bit of all three colours?


Of course. Let’s call that the Rainbow motivation!




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Wow! now i know why i love sky blue

james sale

Thanks Robert - glad blue is even clearer to you.

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Mark John

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james sale

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Nice !

pankaj rai

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James Sale

Thanks for your kind words, pankaj. Let me know if you want more information on Motivational Maps - the product is in 15 countries BUT not India - yet!!!


Thanx a lot for the facts.I am gonna start my battle today and definitely I will win.These colors will be one reason behind my success. The day I win I will remember this article too.... good luck for me and u! 💪💪🔥❤

james sale

Thanks Yash - glad this has been useful. Good luck!


Thank you for posting this article. I wonder if you could be more specific as to the exact definition or value of each of these colors. Could you post color pallet samples or RGB or hex values that represent the best shades of each of these colors as they could or should be applied to wall paints?

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