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Motivation and Motivational Maps


James Sale is the Creative Director of Motivational Maps. He has many years of intensive experience in training and mentoring people and helping them and their organisations realise their full potential. Motivational Maps is a tool used around the world by management consultants and coaches, corporates, the public sector and small to medium sized businesses. He is passionate about learning, about sharing his learning and experience, and about others seeing what they can truly achieve. He has written a series of books on the subject of Mapping Motivation with Routledge and is a feature writer of The Epoch Times in New York

Joseph Sale is a Non-Executive director of Motivational Maps and co-founder of the independent publishing house The Writing Collective. He is a qualified Map Practitioner and professional writer who has written and produced more than thirty books, including books on Motivational Maps and the Enneagram, developing people, selling, marketing, operations, and more. Several fiction titles he has edited have gone on to be nominated for and win prestigious prizes in speculative literature. As a ghost-writer, he has collaborated to produce two acclaimed biographies. He is passionate about how insight and narrative together can heal our invisible wounds.


motivation, mythology, poetry, Shakespeare