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November 24, 2016


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Instilling motivation isn't easy, but it's necessary if you want your employees to grow and stay satisfied with their jobs. Creating an environment of transparency, where you speak openly about your business to your employees and they feel comfortable coming to you with anything that's on their minds can do wonders for the collective motivation of your workplace...Offer good gifts to best employee or team....

james sale

Thanks Fashion CGO - appreciate your reading my blog


Staff should be motivated.

james sale

Agreed Regina - and finding ways to do that is what we are into! Thanks.

Angwenyi Maobe Michael

Motivation is equal to out put.

Angwenyi Maobe Michael

motivation can improve the staff relationship


i found this interesting that 'motivation that Mapping Motivation explores is the idea of hygiene factors'

james sale

Thanks for your comments!


Very Interesting


I find this Interesting


This is an eye opener for sure.


Hygiene is really key to everything. Whether cooking, body, animal etc required by every thing

Martin Buuri Kaburia

This is a motivation in itself

james sale

Thanks Martin

Kyle Crocco

I never thought about the factors that are removed that can demotivate us. Basically, they are invisible support until they are gone. Good tip.

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